About Us

About us

The transition from schools to universities and colleges can be tough sometimes, new environment, away from home, increased workload, new friends, and deciding your future career can all cause enough stress that would affect your studies. CampusMate is there to make that transition easier. By having a mate like CampusMate, it is easier to engage with your classmates and with students from all majors.

CampusMate allows you to add your courses that you are taking this semester. Allows you to create course-based chatrooms, can help you create smaller virtual study rooms. This way you can chat about your course, about school, life, events, and keep a copy of shared notes and pictures. Moreover, CampusMate allows you to list yourself as a tutor for your A-scored courses, or find other tutors if you need help in any course you are taking. Also, why waste your notes? When you can take a picture directly from your phone, and list them for sale directly from your mobile, or purchase other friends’ notes.

CampusMate wants you to have the best experience ever, that’s why we give the ability for any student to rate other students tutoring skills and notes. This will help students choose the best notes and the best tutors for help. We provide a seamless experience with a user friendly mobile app, that will be truly… your CampusMate.

On the other end, campusmate crowdfunding portal is a product that is essential for students who need support from the campus community, it’s essential for students who needs to reach a wide variety of students in different schools and majors. Everyone have planned an event, everyone needed extra funding, but the struggle of reaching people, and requesting money was always difficult.

Imagine planning an event for 400 students, imagine the time and effort wasted by students to run after other students to pay the price of a ticket. Now imagine getting a notification directly on your mobile, and with one click, you have paid for a ticket for an event. Another example would be funding clubs, or supporting a cancer research. CampusMate Crowdfunding Portal is available on web, and mobile.

Download CampusMate, and help build a stronger closer community.